This Section is designed for healthcare professionals and GP Practice staff.

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Mental Health

Emergency Information

For emergency information, please contact the Mental Health Rapid Response Service (MHRRS) on 0300 304 0078


Dementia Services 

Please see the Dementia page

Services for Children (under 18)

Please see Children's and Adolescent Mental Health Service for clinicians page.

Mental Health Rapid Response Service (MHRRS)

Call 0300 304 0078

The MHRRS offers assessments for patients suffering from mental health problems who are at risk and may not be able to keep themselves safe, or are considering attending accident and emergency for help with their mental health. MHRRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and health professionals, carers or patients can ring for advice.

Assessment and Treatment Service (ATS) 5-day Referral

Priority referral (to be seen within 5 days) must be phoned in to the ATS Triage Point.  

Call 0300 304 0095

The ATS 5-day service arranges priority assessments for:

  • Patients whose mental health will deteriorate significantly if not seen quickly
  • Patients whose risk of harm to themselves or others is increasing significantly

Assessment and Treatment Service (ATS) 28 Day Referral

Refer via the Referral Management Service (please use the ATS 28 Day Referral Form) or call 0300 304 0095​​

Non-GP referrers should contact to refer.


  • A patient experiencing a relapse of their psychosis
  • A patient with several co-existing mental health conditions requiring assessment and multi-disciplinary treatment
  • A patient with multiple health, mental health, and social care needs
  • A patient requiring a multi-modal complex intervention (e.g. in the case of significant trauma or abuse in early life or overlapping Personality Disorder and mental health conditions requiring an integrated therapeutic approach to treatment).

Brighton and Hove Eating Disorder Service (BHEDS)

Call: 0300 304 0090

Address: East Brighton Community Mental Health Centre, Brighton General Hospital, Elm Grove, Brighton, BN2 3EW

Please see the Brighton and Hove Eating Disorder Service Referral Form page for referral forms

Please see below for a service user information leaflet.

For information on the Children, Young People and Families Eating Disorder Service, please see the Children and Young People's Mental Health Information for Clinicians page.

Perinatal Mental Health Service

Please follow the link for the Perinatal Mental Health Referral Form 

Please see Clinical Prescribing Documents and Resources - Central Nervous System for Perinatal Mental Health Prescribing Guidelines

Feedback on Providers

Please follow the link to send us feedback on service providers


Brighton and Hove Eating Disorder Service Patient Information Leaflet

The Brighton and Hove Eating Disorder Service Patient Information Leaflet is for sharing with patients

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