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Medical Reports

Guide To Supporting Patients Accessing Specialist Gender Identity Services

Section 5.2

GPs may be asked to write medical reports or provide other information for patients changing official documents. Patients applying for a GRC will need two reports: one from a registered medical practitioner in the field of gender dysphoria and a second report, which can come from a GP.

Where external agencies request medical reports (e.g. benefits agency, housing department) patient consent is essential before releasing information about the person’s trans status, as per the guidance on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004. Medical reports can enable statutory services to get a full understanding of the person’s needs and circumstances. However, the fact that a person is accessing SGIS and undergoing gender transition may be relevant factors but may not. It is essential to discuss this with the patient in advance so that accurate and relevant information can be shared in a lawful way.

You can find sources of further information on the Medical Report Proforma for Gender Recognition in the table below.


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Sources of Further Information on the Medical Report Proforma for Gender Recognition