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About Gender Pronouns

Guide To Supporting Patients Accessing Specialist Gender Identity Services

Section 2.3

Gender pronouns are how we refer to a person’s gender: he or him, she or her. Many trans people will strongly expect gender pronouns to be used according to the gender that they are now living in. So for a trans man, this would be he or him, for a trans woman, she or her. Preferred pronouns can change over time as a person transitions or discovers more about what feels right. Some genderqueer people may not mind which pronouns are used or may not like gender pronouns being applied to them at all, using non gender-specific terms such as they/them/theirs instead.

There is a rule of thumb to negotiate this complexity: is if it isn’t clear, discreetly, tactfully and sensitively ask the person. You may even want to practice a form of wording: “What’s your preferred gender pronoun?”, “What title do you prefer?” A calmly worded, tactful enquiry is likely to be better received than embarrassed, stumbling uncertainty over pronouns that risks causing offence.


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