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Clinical Informatics

'Clinical Informatics' refers to how health practitioners use IT to collect and analyse information about health.

It can be a very powerful tool to help you find the information you need in the right place to support clinical decisions. It can help you contact patients using the most up to date technology, and share knowledge fast with other professionals. It can help patients and service users get better information and support them to self-care and be actively involved in decision-making.

IT Issues

If you have a IT problem, please contact the HIS on 08000 213337

In the table below you can find details on the different projects the Clinical Informatics team is working on.

Summary Care Records (SCR)

A Summary Care Record is a summary of a patient's medical information that can be accessible to a health professional treating the patient in an emergency or out-of-hours setting.

For more information, please see the Summary Care Records page

Patient Online

Patient Online means patients can book and cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and access their GP medical record online.

For more information please see the Patient Online page.

Resources for SystmOne

You can find resources for SystmOne to support delivery of the Wound Care LCS on the Wound Care Lcs Resources page.


GP2GP enables immediate transfer of a patient's notes between practices when they register at a new practice.

All practices within Brighton and Hove are now live with the system and the CCG is monitoring use to ensure that the mazximum benefits are being realised.

The main benefits of the new functionality is that it allows larger files to be transferred from and to practices, therefore increasing the number of Electronic Health Records (EHR) being sent and received.  There will also be a reduction of printing, as the sending site will be notified of what has or hasn’t been integrated successfully at the new practice, and therefore what does or does not need printing.  

Practices will still be required to send the Lloyd George wallet onto the new practice.  For further information please see the HSCIC site.

Benefits of GP2GP

  • Improved safety as information is available immediately
  • Continuity of care as detailed record is transferred from the patient’s previous practice
  • Clinical time savings as it is quicker to check medical history with the patient
  • Administrative time savings as less information has to be retyped from paper notes

Electronic patient records should be maintained in accordance with the EPR Good Practice Guidelines 2011.

This document outlines the specific considerations that must be made to the EPR in relation to GP2GP transfers.

PRIMIS Data Quality Indicators (PDQI) Audit Tool

The PRIMIS Data Quality Indicators (PDQI) Audit tool is no longer held by the CCG on behalf of member practices.  

Practices who wish to purchase the tool individually can be reimbursed for the cost.  Please contact us for more information.