This Section is designed for healthcare professionals and GP Practice staff.

For public information, please visit the Brighton and Hove CCG public home page.


Emergency Information

For emergency information, please contact the Professional Support Line.

Two Week Wait Referrals

Please follow the link for Two Week Wait Referral Forms 


Brighton and Sussex Dermatology Service

Please see the Brighton and Sussex Dermatology Service website for contact information, service information, and triage guidelines.

Tissue Viability Service

Please follow the link for information on the Tissue Viability Service

Community Intravenous Therapy for Cellulitis

For information on Community Intravenous Therapy for Cellulitis, please see the Community Intravenous Therapy page

Local Clinical Resources

Cellulitis Pathway

Please see the table below for the Cellulitis Pathway

National Clinical Resources

Please see the table below for National Guidance on specific skin conditions, and for a range of patient information leaflets


For prescribing information, please see Chapter 13 of the Joint Formulary.

Feedback on Providers

Please follow the link to send us feedback on service providers

Cellulitis pathway

The Cellulitis Pathway is for use by clinicians

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