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Getting It Right

Guide To Supporting Patients Accessing Specialist Gender Identity Services

Section 3.1

When GPs ‘get it right’ for trans people, they use good interpersonal skills, demonstrate understanding and awareness, use good clinical judgment and manage care effectively - as with any other patient. However, providing good services for trans people often means using these skills with an understanding of their specific needs and experiences. These are just some indicators of what good quality care might look like and where this can go wrong.

There are also key ways that GPs can ‘get it wrong’: unwarranted assumptions, stigmatising attitudes, failure to respect the authenticity of the patient's gender identity, getting pronouns and forms of address wrong, treating the patient as a ‘specimen’ and failure to liaise properly with SGIS are just some examples. 

Please see 'Getting it Right' in the table below for more details


Introduction Guide Home Page
Section 1.0 About This Guide
Section 1.1 Why This Guide Is Needed
Section 1.2 Current Context
Section 2.0 Developing Understanding About Trans People
Section 2.1 New Thinking About Gender
Section 2.2 About Trans Identities
Section 2.3 About Gender Pronouns
Section 3.0 High Quality Services for Trans People
Section 3.1 Getting It Right
Section 3.2 A Special Note on Children and Young People
Section 3.3 A Special Note on Screening: Screen for the Organs Present
Section 4.0 Understanding the Patient Groups
Section 4.1 Understanding Specialist Gender Identity Services
Section 4.2 The Approach to Treatment
Section 4.3 Treatment Protocols
Section 4.4 Available Treatments - Adults
Section 4.5 Available Treatments - Children and Young People
Section 4.6 The Role of the GP
Section 5.0 Changing NHS Records
Section 5.1 Information Sharing - The Gender Recognition Act 2004
Section 5.2 Medical Reports
Section 6.0 Supporting Patients
Section 6.1 Sources of Information and Support
Section 7.0 Glossary

Getting It Right

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