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Hospital Waiting Times Data

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH) is currently unable to consistently offer non-emergency outpatient appointments and operations within 18 weeks of a GP referral to all patients all of the time. 

Some areas are particularly affected, other services are under less pressure.

The CCG is publishing average BSUH waiting times data for routine referrals, by specialty, on this page to help inform discussions about the referral process and patient choice between local GPs and their patients. 

The table below gives median waiting times from non-urgent referral to first outpatient appointment.  This data excludes Two Week Waits and other urgent referrals.

Patient Access Policy

Please follow the link for the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH) Patient Access Policy.

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme - patient information

Patients on low incomes may be able to claim a refund under the 'Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme' (HTCS) for the cost of travelling to hospital for NHS-funded treatment or diagnostic tests, both in and outside the Brighton & Hove area. A summary of the scheme can be accessed online here


BSUH Waiting Times - February 2020

Independent Sector Waiting Times - October 2018

The Independent Sector Waiting Times (Spire Montefiore and Nuffield Woodingdean) document is for use by practice colleagues.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.