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New video focuses on getting patients home from hospital

A new video has been launched to explain the NHS Let’s Get You Home initiative to patients and the public across Sussex and East Surrey. It features real staff – nurses, social workers and hospital managers – who will enable patients to leave hospital swiftly and safely once their treatment there is complete.

As well as supporting patients to recover more quickly, Let’s Get You Home is helping local hospitals to have beds available through the winter when more people are ill or have accidents. All NHS hospitals have a duty to ensure that their beds are occupied only by people who need treatment there.

There is a lot of evidence to show that patients recover better away from hospital:

  • Resting in bed even for short periods can cause patients to loose strength in their muscles
  • Patients may become used to living in hospital, leaving them less able to manage in their own homes
  • Hospitals work hard to prevent infections but can’t eliminate the risk of a patient catching one which they may be ill-equipped to resist

The video will be distributed through NHS websites and social media and may be shown on screens in hospitals. It can be viewed here below.


The initiative is being implemented by the 24 NHS organisations and local councils across the Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, including adult services teams at West Sussex County Council, East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council.