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PREVENT is part of the UK's national counter-terrorism strategy that aims to reduce the risks faced from international terrorism. PREVENT focuses on preventing people becoming involved in terrorism, supporting extreme violence or becoming susceptible to radicalisation. Alongside other agencies, such as education services, local authorities and the police, healthcare services have been identified as a key strategic partner in supporting this strategy.

Healthcare professionals may meet and treat people who are vulnerable to radicalisation, such as people with mental health issues or learning disabilities, who may have a heightened susceptibility to being influenced by others.

Please follow the link for the Government's Revised PREVENT Duty Guidance.  

If you have any concerns about your patient/s, please contact Fiona Crimmins, Prevent Lead, on 07787 763947, Trish Obermayer on 07920 245215 or Jo Tomlinson on 07770 381421


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The CCG PREVENT Policy is for use by practice colleagues.

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