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Sharing Learning

Information from shared learning sessions for Practice Nurses can be found below.  

Breathing Matters

You can find the latest edition of Breathing Matters in the table below.  Older editions are available on the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network website.

Clinical Systems

Often one of the main barriers to Practice Nurses, HCAs and  NP/ANPs being able to work more flexibly across the city is the fact that we have two main clinical systems, EMISweb and Systm1.

By finding a mutually agreeable clinician at a practice that uses a different system to the one you are currently familiar with and organising amongst yourselves some time to offer each other some informal training, you can help with a more adaptable way of working in the future. 

We would like to add that this is by no means obligatory but just another example of how nurses within the city can come together to share knowledge and gain experience. 

Oral Nutrition Information

A Quick Guide Adult Oral Nutrition Supplements) Prescribing for prescribing is available here.  This one-page document gives the pathway for evaluating the risk of malnutrition (MUST), includes the links for food as treatment advice and details what the first line products for prescribing are.

Please note, that the formulary has been changed and the first line powder shakes are Foodlink Complete and Aymes Shake.  Complan Shake has been removed from the formulary - please follow this link for more information.

Useful information for Diabetic patients

Information on healthy diet and weight, including a link to the British Dieticians Association Food Facts, is now available on the Healthy Living page of the Public section of this website.

Breathing Matters July 2018

Breathing Matters July 2918 is for use by clinicians.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.