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Special Allocation Scheme

Special Allocation Scheme (previously known as the Violent Patient Scheme or the Zero Tolerance Scheme)

Brighton and Hove CCG is committed to providing a safe and dignified working environment for all healthcare staff and patients throughout the city.

The Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) is currently administered by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) on behalf of NHS England, with a local provider commissioned by Brighton and Hove CCG. 

Special Allocation Scheme Guidance

The CCG has produced local guidance for practice colleagues, to enable them to identify and deal with violent and abusive incidents in the city, and to support them in referring patients to the SAS. It is recommended that Practice Managers read the guidance, and, if appropriate, disseminate amongst practice staff.

The full guidance is held in the table below.

Referrals to SAS via PCSE

Referrals to the SAS should be done via PCSE using the appropriate form.

You must have obtained a Police Reference Number prior to completing the form.

The referral should then be emailed to

Contact Us

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the Special Allocation Scheme please contact the Primary Care Team at Brighton and Hove CCG who can provide support and advice to practice colleagues. 

Special Allocation Scheme Guidance

The Special Allocation Scheme Guidance is for use by practice colleagues.

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