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Protected Learning Scheme (PLS)

The Protected Learning Scheme (PLS) enables practice colleagues to take an afternoon to receive updates and training, by prioviding cover for practice services. 

Some PLS events are held in-house, enabling each practice to focus on training needs and updates that are of most benefit to them.  Others are held externally at an event organised by the CCG.

In the table below you can find a guide to the PLS.

You can also find Template Evaluation Forms for use at In-house and External PLS Events

Future PLS dates


  • Saturday 12 January 2019

    No cover required

  • Wednesday 6 February 2019


    If you do not require cover for this event, please let us know by Wednesday 28 November


Arranging Cover for PLS Events

If your surgery or branch surgery is normally closed on the afternoon that the PLS is taking place, please confirm that you do not require cover.

Practice answerphones should direct patients to 111 in the first instance on the afternoon of PLS events. Cover is provided from 12:30-18:30

Previous PLS Events and Resources

You can find resources from previous PLS events by following the link below

In-House Protected Learning Scheme Evaluation Form Template

The In-House Protected Learning Scheme Evaluation Form Template is for use by practice colleagues

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Protected Learning Scheme Guide

The Protected Learning Scheme Guide is for use by practice colleagues.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us