This Section is designed for healthcare professionals and GP Practice staff.

For public information, please visit the Brighton and Hove CCG public home page.

Public Health

New website

Our new Sussex-wide internal website for Sussex NHS Commissioners, member practices and Sussex clinicians has now launched at

Please head over to our new site for CCG information and clinical guidance.


Public Health services in Brighton and Hove are commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council working collaboratively with NHS Brighton and Hove CCG.

Please follow the link for information on Health and Wellbeing Services commissioned by the Brighton and Hove City Council Public Health Team

Healthy Lifestyle Services

Please see the Healthy Lifestyle Services page for more information on Healthy Lifestyle’s Single Point of Access and Gardening for Health.

Alcohol and Substance Misuse Services

Please see the Alcohol and Substance Misuse page for more information on Alcohol and Substance Misuse services

Smoking Cessation

Varenicline Patient Group Direction

You can find a Patient Group Direction for Varenicline tablets on the Patient Group Directions page. 

Prescription of Varenicline is a service being provided by Healthy Living Pharmacies under a pilot project for one year from April 2018.

Domiciliary Smoking Cessation Service

Please see the Home-Based Stop Smoking page on the Brighton and Hove City Council website for more information.  

Referral Forms for the Domiciliary Smoking Cessation Service are available:

Sexual Health and Contraception Services

Please see the Sexual Health and Contraception page for information on Sexual Health and Contraception services

HIV and AIDS Services

Please see the HIV Care page for information about HIV and AIDS services

NHS Health Checks

You can find more information on the NHS Health Checks page.

Notification of Infectious Diseases

Registered medical practitioners are required by law to notify the local authority or local Health Protection Team of certain diseases.

You can find a reporting form, a list of the relevant diseases, and further information on the website.

Locally Commissioned Services

Brighton & Hove City Council manages some Locally Commissioned Services relating to public health.

Please see the Brighton and Hove City Council Locally Commissioned Services page for service specifications and additional information.

Please see the Brighton and Hove City Council website for information about training and updates relating to these Locally Commissioned Services