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For public information, please visit the Brighton and Hove CCG public home page.

Public message regarding Novel Coronavirus

We are now able to confirm that a case of Novel Coronavirus has been identified in Brighton and Hove. Over the last 24 hours, while we have been waiting for the official announcement, the local NHS have been working closely with Public Health England and our partner organisations to help contain the situation, using robust infection control measures to prevent any possible further spread of the virus. Public Health England are leading on control measures and they are contacting people who may be affected using their established systems for similar situations. 

The local NHS is working around the clock alongside the local Public Health team, Local Authority and partner organisations to manage the situation to ensure our populations remain as safe as possible.

  •        You can read the NHS media statement here
  •        You can read a public message from our local Public Health team here
  •        You can read advice from Public Health England here