This Section is designed for healthcare professionals and GP Practice staff.

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Sexual Health and HIV Care

Emergency Information

For emergency information, please contact the Professional Support Line.


The Lawson Unit

Call: 01273 664722

The Lawson Unit provides treatment, support and ongoing care for people living with HIV (Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Community Specialist HIV service

Call: 01273 267575

The Community Specialist HIV Service provides advice and support or people living with HIV and AIDS

Sussex Beacon

Call: 01273 694222

The Sussex Beacon charity offers specialist care and support for men, women and families affected by HIV.

Local Resources

Chlamydia Management Form

The Chlamydia Management form should be faxed to the Chlamydia Screening Office on 01273 254157 when a patient recieves treatment [[as part of the Chlamydia Patient Group Direction]].  You can find the form in the table below.  

Locally Commissioned Services

Please follow the links for information on the HIV Locally Commissionned Service


For prescribing information, please see the Joint Formulary.

Feedback on Providers

Please follow the link to send us feedback on service providers


Chlamydia Management Form

The Chlamydia Management Form is for use by clinicians.

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