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Sources of Information and Support

Guide To Supporting Patients Accessing Specialist Gender Identity Services

Section 6.1

GIRES hosts the TranzWiki resource, which provides a national directory (including a South East section) of trans support organisations in the UK. Patients should always be advised to check in advance that information is current and groups are operating. Details listed here are for information and are not an endorsement of any group or organisation.

Local Organisations

  • Clare Project – A support group for anyone wishing to explore issues around gender identity. Holds a weekly drop-in and can facilitate access to a psychotherapist
  • Navigate Brighton – A support group for trans men and other trans-masculine people. Holds monthly meetings
  • Allsorts Youth Project – Provides Transformers group for trans young people (16-25), TAG group for LGBTU young people (11-15), a Kids Group for trans and gender questioning children, and Sara’s Group for the parents and carers of trans young people
  • Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard – Provides a range of services for LGBT people, which includes a telephone help-line and, a  counselling service and a specialist helpline for trans survivors of sexual violence. 
  • MindOut  – Provides a range of mental health services for LGBT people, which includes trans mental health support work and a specialist trans advocacy project. 
  • Clinic T – A special session for trans people and their partners at the Claude Nicol Centre sexual health clinic.
  • Trans Alliance - a not for profit alliance of trans organisations of Brighton. Provides training and consultation. 

National Organisations


  • A:gender – A support network for trans and Intersex members of staff in government departments
  • The Beaumont Society - A self-help network for trans people
  • The Beaumont Trust – A self-help network for people who cross-dress
  • Gendy’s Network - A self-help network for trans people
  • GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society) – Produces a wide range of research, policy and educational materials regarding gender variance, also includes information relevant to young people
  • Trans Bare All - Works with the trans community on body positivity, sex and intimacy and emotional wellbeing.


Children and Young People

  • Gendered Intelligence – Provides a range of services for trans young people and their families, including youth groups, mentoring, family support, arts programmes and workshops, training and educational resources
  • Mermaids – Provides support to young people aged up to 19 and their families with gender identity issues.


Families and Partners

  • Depend – Support network for families, partners and friends of adult trans people in the UK.



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